Relationships Education

Dear Parents and Carers,

As part of your child’s education at Derwentwater Primary School, we aim to help our children to learn to respect themselves and others and to move with confidence from childhood through adolescence into adulthood and to develop happy, healthy and safe relationships.

We will begin RSHE lessons; we are mainly focusing on our relationship’s curriculum. We will start teaching these lessons the week beginning 28th June.

You may be aware that the Department for Education has announced changes to the relationships and sex education. These changes come into effect in the Summer Term 2021. All schools are required to comply with the updated changes. The statutory guidance can be found here:

In line with government guidance, we will not teach separate RSE (relationship, sex education). These lessons will now be integrated into our summer relationships lessons. These lessons are now statutory and will be taught within their year groups, so all lessons are age-appropriate. Year 4,5, and 6 RSE lessons will be split by gender for some concepts to enable pupils to feel confident when asking questions during the lessons.

As a school, we have always been open and shared our teaching content.

I am attaching the following documents for your perusal:

  • Relationships Education Lesson Plans – Please note that Ealing’s PSHE Leader writes these lesson plans, and we have adopted them as a school.
  • Government Guidance
  • Parents advice from the Dfe
  • Relevant PowerPoint Images for Year 2,3,4,5, and 6.

If you have any further questions, please email

Kind regards,

Mrs Nicholas