Read Write Inc

At Derwentwater we follow a synthetic phonics scheme called ‘Read, Write Inc.’

The sounds are taught in the following order:


  • Set 1 teaches the most common sound-letter correspondences: m a s d t / i n p g o / c k u b / f e l h sh r / j v y w / th z ch qu x ng nk

  • Set 2 teaches alternative vowel sounds: ay ee igh ow oo oo ar or air ir ou oy

  • Set 3 is made up of alternative spellings of Set 2 sounds: ea oi e a-e i-e o-e u-e aw are ur er ow ai oa ew ire ear ure. 

​The structure of the lessons depend upon the level the children are working at; either a three-day timetable or a five-day timetable.

Three-day timetable for Green, Pink, Purple and Orange Levels

Five-day timetable for Yellow, Blue and Grey Levels