Reception Autumn 2020

Welcome to Derwentwater Primary School

To our new children and your families,

Welcome! We are so pleased that you have chosen to come to Derwentwater and we cannot wait to meet you all.

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold face-to-face meetings with class teacher’s this year.  Therefore, to help us gain valuable information about your child you will be receiving a telephone call from your child’s class teacher.

In addition to this, an email from the school has been sent informing you of your child’s start dates and class teacher for the next academic year. When starting school in September, all children have the opportunity to spending one and a half days in their new classroom with just nine other members of their class. These are referred to as visit days.

At Derwentwater Primary School, we stagger the children's visit days. This allows them to have a little extra time to settle into their classroom with a quieter environment.

Please only attend on your allocated days

On your child’s visit day, please come to the Reception building where your class teacher will be waiting for you. On this day, you will be able to accompany your child into the classroom. Parents are then invited to attend a coffee morning; this will give you the opportunity to meet other families that are in your child’s class.

We have shared some informational videos with you on this webpage, which will help you gain an understanding of the things you can do to help prepare your child for school.

Some of the most important things for your children are:

  • Developing their independent skills (putting on own clothes, going to the toilet by themselves and wiping their own bottoms)
  • Communication - talking about what they are doing and asking questions
  • Playing games and learning to take turns and using their imagination in their play.
  • We all love to share stories and this is a valuable skill for children to learn to sit and listen to them and then answer simple questions about the story.
  • Encouraging children to sing nursery rhymes and getting them to hear the words that rhyme is also a fun and beneficial activity.

On our webpage we have also added our ‘Welcome to Reception’ booklet and virtual a tour of the classrooms. This will show you what a typical day in Reception looks like and areas of the class.

Please go through this with your child during the summer, this will help them to become familiar with their class teacher, their new classroom and what to expect on their first day.

We are so excited that you have become part of the Derwentwater community and will keep you updated on any information that you need. Please keep checking this webpage or emails from the school.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Karen Hankin