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Due to our excellent location, the richness of our offer is enhanced through partnerships.

These partnerships, networks and collaborative projects with organisations within our local and wider community provide exciting opportunities and allow for personal development for both pupils and staff.

Here you can see a snapshot of just some of the partners that we work with…

Brit Youth Theatre

The Brit Youth Theatre run after school club sessions for our pupils to sing, act and dance as they work towards performing their show at a local theatre. The children's experience in the theatre, their dedication and hard work in preparing for the production, helps them gain confidence, and gives them a huge sense of achievement.

Primary Shakespeare Company

We are delighted to continue our relationship with the Primary Shakespeare Company, a charity working with children in primary schools to raise achievement and attainment by engaging with Shakespeare.

Each year, the Primary Shakespeare Company selects a Shakespeare play to investigate and perform such as Romeo & Juliet (2020-21) and Macbeth (2021-22). They send theatre practitioners into our school for our pupils and staff to watch a professional performance of the play to familiarise them with the story. The professionals then lead the children in a workshop that investigates the play and explores the work of Shakespeare.

Every participating school is responsible for one act of the play; and after a series of rehearsals, we join together to create a festival during which the play is re-assembled, with each school performing their part of the whole play.

iRock School of Music

We partner with iRock School of Music who run rock and pop band sessions during the school day, providing pupils the chance to explore the electric guitar, drums, keyboard or singing. Through these sessions, we see our children’s confidence grow as they take the stage and perform their very own end of term show. They also develop key skills, including teamwork as they learn how to work together in a band.

Royal Institution

Each year, pupils from Year 5 are selected to attend Royal Institution Masterclasses hosted at West Acton Primary School. The focus of these masterclasses changes each year. In 2022, pupils who attended the maths masterclass built symmetrical objects of the universe and then explored platonic solids. Additionally, pupils explored popular TV games shows and learned how simple mathematics can make a significant difference to the chances of winning. In the computing masterclass pupils used bitbots to explore mazes and a series of challenges. Pupils also explored why binary is so important when programming. 

I thought it was really fun and I would like to go again. It was quite hard but I like pushing myself in things so this was a good opportunity. Erina

I was happy to represent our school. We were given plastic shapes and we had to connect them to make platonic solids. We demonstrated that  there are only five platonic shapes. The teacher asked us to look for patterns and I was able to recognise Euler's Law (Vertices - edges + faces = 2)​! Suleman 

Local Secondary Schools

We work directly with our local secondary schools to support our Year 6 children’s transition and provide our pupils across the school with a range of educational experiences to enhance their learning. 

St Paul’s Girls' School 

We are fortunate to offer Year 5 pupils the chance to take part in the St Paul’s Girls’ School Music Partnership where they are each loaned an orchestral instrument for the duration of the project, and receive tuition by specialist teachers and talented students at St Paul’s.

To celebrate the end of the music project, all Year 5 pupils go to St Paul's Girl's School to utilise the amazing facilities the school have to offer. Pupils complete science investigations, singing lessons and sporting activities. Parents are invited to a showcase concert at St Paul's Girl's School where pupils are able to demonstrate everything they have learnt over the past few months. 

I learnt the violin, it was a very enjoyable experience because I never have had this opportunity before. St Paul’s building was very classic and impressive. Taai

I learnt the clarinet. I enjoyed it because it was fun and it was good to try something so challenging. The girls who taught me were really nice. Malak

I learnt the clarinet, I liked the school and the teachers were very kind and funny. It was nice to meet new people from a different school. It was great that we got to keep the instrument for a few months while we were learning. Amira

I learnt the trumpet. I have never learnt such a complicated instrument before. This was a really positive experience because it was good to challenge myself in a new way…even if I was a little out of breath. Jawad

My daughter Cayla really loved taking part in the scheme with St Paul's, culminating in the concert on Friday. The school was really welcoming. It really gave her something to look forward to and she rightly felt proud afterwards. So thank you for helping facilitate the scheme. Parent

 Local community

We are committed to working in close partnership with our local community, providing excellent education for the local area. Throughout the year we organise a variety of community and fundraising events, designed to bring people into our school.

Pupils contribute to the wider school community by raising funds for charities such as WaterAid, Comic Relief, and Green for Grenfell, and they undertake visits to a local centre for adults with dementia.

Ofsted, June 2019

Parent community

We strongly value the relationship we have with our parents and appreciate the support they give us and the role they play in enriching our children’s experiences and supporting their child’s education. Parents regularly participate in their children’s learning through workshops, assemblies, stay and play sessions and our highly regarded DSA (Derwentwater School Association).