Governing Body


The whole Governing Body meets at least once a term and there are regular committee meeting and subject meetings.

Parents, the Headteacher, the Staff, members of the local community and the Local Authority are represented on the governing body. They are all committed to the further development of the school and the achievement of the children who attend.

If you are interested in becoming a School Governor, please contact the clerk to the Governing Body or speak to the Headteacher.

The role of the governing body

The School Governance (Roles, Procedures and Allowances) (England) Regulations 2013 sets out the role of the governing body. It states that:

The governing body should focus strongly on three core functions:

  • Setting the vision and strategic direction of the school;

  • Holding the headteacher to account for its educational performance;

  • And ensuring financial resources are well spent

Further details of the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body can be found here:

School Governance Regulations 2013 departmental advice | PDF

Register of interest March 2017

Attendance Register

Becoming a governor

Becoming a governor is a significant commitment and requires real commitment, time and effort.

A governor plays an extremely important part in formulating and driving forward the strategic direction of the school. Supporting the school in its journey to becoming an outstanding school that delivers high quality, and highly effective teaching and learning.

Governors will help all of our children develop to their full potential, whatever their starting point. They will support all of our children in achieving as much as they can, enabling them to experience early success in their lives.

Governors are responsible for ensuring the safety of our children, parents and staff at all times.

Governors are expected to fully engage in the work of the Governing Body; behaving in a respectful, positive and supportive manner with children, parents, staff and other governors.

Governors can also expect to experience great personal satisfaction in knowing that they are playing an essential part in the school’s continuous improvement towards becoming an “outstanding” school.

The current members of the governing body are as follows:

Venessa Nicholas   

Type of Governor:  Headteacher

Term of office start date:  26th February 2015​


Eddy Leviten

Chair of Governoring Body

Type of Governor:  Co-Opted Governor

Term of office start date: 12th December 2014 

End date: 11th December 2018


Nick Jones

Vice Chair of Governing Body

Type of Governor:  Local Authority

Term of office start date: 1st February 2016 

End date: 31st january 2020


Tim Cadbury

Type of Governor:  Co-Opted Governor

Term of office start date: 14th November 2014 

End date: 13th November 2018


Nada Grkinic

Type of Governor:  Parent Governor

Term of office start date:  18th March 2016 

End date: 17th March 2020


Cllr Dr Abdullah Gulaid

Type of Governor: Co-Opted Governor

Term of office start date:  19th April 2016 

End date: 18th April 2020


Amina Muhumed

Type of governor:  Parent Governor

Term of office start date:  5th February 2016 

End date: 4th February 2020


Leigh Whitehouse

Type of Governor:  Parent Governor

Term of office start date:  12th December 2014 

End date: 11th December 2018


Elizabeth Bennett

Type of Governor: Staff Governor

Term of office start date:  10th November 2016

End date: 9th November 2020